Taylor Swift concert with audio



This Soundslides project documents the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert in Newark, New Jersey on March 28, 2013 at the Prudential Center. It is from a fans point-of-view!



This is my biography post for my hyperlocal newsroom class. My name is Christina but my nickname is Chris- I was born on April 17th which makes me an Aries. I have a tattoo on my lower back (my initials in Greek) which I always forget I have, but nonetheless I want more! I am half Greek half Italian and I spent most of my summers in Greece. My favorite Greek island is Mykonos, but I love all of Greece! LBI and Belmar are my favorite Jersey shore spots.

I am a senior (graduating in May) at Rutgers University and I grew up in New Jersey. My major is Journalism with a minor in DCIM. My dream job would be a sideline reporter for the New York Jets or maybe doing something with social media, I love Twitter (but really, I am addicted). I have a blind pug named Maximus who snores really loud and I work at Victoria’s Secret.


Max & Me


The Soul of New Brunswick

For our final project we had to figure out what the soul of New Brunswick was, and it couldn’t be Rutgers University. I decided to pick downtown New brunswick and the State Theater! Check out the 3 ladies I interviewed and their take on the theater life, and the downtown area.

Restaurants around Rutgers

So for our latest project we had to talk about businesses around Rutgers and I decided to interview two managers at different restaurants. One was Qdoba Mexican Grill and the other was Houlihan’s. You can listen to the interview here!

Twitter and Celebrities

I interviewed two people about Twitter (why they use it, how it helps celebrities, etc.) Thank you again to Samantha Zamora and Alyssa Ramdeen! You can watch the interview here!


For our photo assignment, I took 3 pictures of my dad on his motorcycle.

With the last 2 pictures, while I was taking them I didn’t even realize you could see my own reflection. At first I was slightly annoyed with that but after looking at it for some time, it started to grow on me. I think it adds some other element to the picture and it’s interesting.